Q: What compliments do you receive most frequently?

A:  The cleanliness of the Bungalow and the great location. 

Q:  Do I need a car in Seward?

A:  Most people, it seem, do rent a car.  However, one of the benefits of our location is that a rental car would be optional.  You can walk to most places of interest and cabs are plentiful and affordable (about $7-10 anywhere you want to go).   There is also a free bus that the Chamber of Commerce provides to take visitors around to the points of interest in town and it stops a block or two from the bungalow. You can also get a shuttle from town out to Exit Glacier.  One excellent way to reach Seward without a car is via the Alaska Railroad.  We frequently have guests who arrive by cruise ship as well.  

Q:  How many people can stay in the Bungalow comfortably.

A:  Our place accommodates 4 comfortably and is best suited for groups up to 4. It is a small home and gets crowded with more than that.  

Q:  I see your rental is a non-smoking rental. Can I smoke outside?

A: We find that odors tend to linger on clothes and in the air and are offensive to some individuals.  For that reason,  we respectfully ask that if you smoke that you please consider another rental.

Q: Can I please bring Fido? He is really well behaved.

A: We apologize, but we have a strict no pets policy due to owner and renter allergies.  There is a local dog boarding company in Seward that you may contact.

Q:  Do you live in Seward?

A: Our family lives just out of town at Mile 6.   We do take some time off in the summer and if we are gone for a length time we provide a contact number for someone renters can contact in an emergency.

Q: I hear it rains a lot in Seward. Is that true?  

A:  It depends upon the year.  We've had summers where it rained a bunch and others like 2013 where it was sunny nearly all summer.  Usually when it rains, it drizzles or rains lightly. It rarely downpours.  You can still have a very nice time and spend time outdoors when it is raining and do many of the usual activities. Don't forget rain gear

Q: Is there a grocery store or do I need to stock up in Anchorage?

A:  Seward has a very nice Safeway Grocery store about a mile from the Bungalow.   The prices are slightly higher than those in Anchorage.  

Q: Is it true the mosquitoes are the size of birds up there?

A: Seward generally has few mosquitoes due to the sea breezes. When you venture into the woods you may want to bring some bug spray.  It's rare to have mosquitos ruin your experience here.  Interior Alaska has more mosquitos.

Q: Can I check in early or stay late?

A: This is usually difficult due to the time it takes to turn around the Bungalow, do laundry, and get it nice and clean for the next guest. For guest arriving by train or cruise, We do welcome guests to drop their bags off after 11am while the house is being cleaned if they like.  This is usually nice so folks won't have to haul their bags around town.  Just let me know if you plan to do this

Q:  How will I get a key and check in?

A: You are provided a unique individual code for the electronic deadbolt in your confirmation letter. That way you can self check-in.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: 9 years.   


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